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Coming Soon: 9th Asianet Television Awards 2016

Every year the popular television channel Asianet declare some awards for the serials being telecast in their channel. This is the 9th television award distribution by Asianet channel for its supporting team members. Many big screen celebrities will be distributing the awards to the various Asianet channel team members. Double horse will be sponsoring the show, […]

A brief Information About Kerala. Kerala Population, Kerala Literacy Rate, Which is the highest literacy rate in India. Kerala Politics, Tourism, Religion

Know Kerala,the queen of south

Kerala one of the most advanced  states  of our country was established on 1st NOV-1956 by state reorganization act by combing Malayalam speaking people, consists of 14 districts follow a unicameral legislative system. It is situated between 8 degrees 18 minutes to 12 degrees 48 minutes northern latitudes & 74 degrees 52 minutes to 77 […]

kerala collage girls wearing lungi photos

Kerala College Girls Wearing Lungi Photos Goes Viral

The photo of a bunch of girls wearing lungi in Trivandrum college had gone viral in the present week on various social networking sites, importantly Facebook and Twitter. Initially, the cooked up story was that the girls chose to wear lungi as a means of showing protest against wearing jeans in the college. Since, some of […]

Kasaba malayalam movie release date, when will release kasaba, kasaba theatre list, kasaba poster,

Mammootty Starrer Kasaba all set to release on July 7th

After the long wait, Kasaba is all set to release in the festive season of Eid on July 7th in around 150 screens in Kerala and about a few hundred screens outside Kerala. With Mega Star Mammootty in the lead role, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar (popular Tamil actress, whose debut movie was Podaa Podi) and Neha Saxena will […]

Make Money From Article Writing. Some Common Faq

If I could generate more traffic to your site can you pay me more? Yes, Definitely. It is not decided by us. It is decided by you. The revenue of the website is completely depended on the advertisement in the site. There will be three advertisement (from adsense) unit in every article you Published. You […]