How can i Make Money From this Website ? How to Start Publishing Articles ?

if You can write Articles without Spelling and Grammar Mistake, This website gives you an opportunity to earn decent income. You only need to Publish Articles in English in this website to make income. You can write Anything about Kerala. Eg. Malayalam Movies, Television Shows, Entertainment News, informational Articles related to Kerala… etc.
You cannot publish your Articles directly for the first time. You can Submit your Articles for review. Your created content must follow certain rules to ensure the quality of the content. After Successfully publish  two or three articles after verification, you can freely publish your articles without any verification.

(We Use WordPress Blogging Platform for our Website. WordPress have their own Content Management System)

To Start Publishing your content in this website, you need an account in this website. To Open an account goto  (It may take upto 10 Minute to get verification email from the site. so please wait) or if you already have an account go to login

You can see Admin Page you can manage all your Articles and other features from that page. You can add, Edit and delete Your Articles from the Admin Page. Goto “Post——> Add New” to start making your content.

How Can I Make Money From This Website and How Much I can Earn from this Job ?

We generate income through Advertisement. There will be 3 or more Advertisement in every single articles you published. Your income completely depend upon this Advertisement. If you publish high quality viral post, you will get huge number of visitors to that Articles and you will get high revenue from that Article.
look at the articles (above link). the post author got Rs 150 in a single day (published date). Totally the article author got above Rs 400 from that article.
the post author got above Rs 500 from the above articles till May, 2016.

You can earn more income by posting more qualitative post that attract large number of visitors. So keep Publishing Articles. Definitely you can be a winner in this freelance job.

*Note that we generate income through advertisement (Adsense ad agency), if it is there any issue with our advertisement provider, it may reflect in your income.

How to know my Revenue Report ? or How to know How much is my current Earning?

You will get your revenue report daily through E mail.
How will i get paid ?
You will get your income through bank transfer. We will ask your bank details after your earning reached $10. We will issue your income every month. The minimum revenue must be $30. For the first time, it will be $10.
We will divide the income you generated into two. You will get 70% of your revenue and 30% will get us. IE. if you get $100, $70 goes to Article author and $30 goes to Megakerala Admin.

What is the terms and Conditions to publish Articles in this Website ?

Click the Link

If you have any doubt or if you want any help, Please write to

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