Kalabhavan Mani’s Death Unnatural. Says Latest Reports

Kalabhavan Mani
Kalabhavan Mani

Latest test reports from Central Forensic Science Laboratory (CFSL), Hyderabad regarding the death of the departed actor Kalabhavan Mani suggests that the death is no more natural and might most probably due to consumption of toxic liquor. During the initial stages of investigation, test reports from the Kakkanad laboratory revealed that the presence of pesticides in the actors body might have been from vegetables. But, the latest reports from Hyderabad completely opposed this statement and made it clear that sudden death might not happen on consuming vegetables sprayed with pesticides and there were no serious presence of pesticides in the actor’s body. The Special Investigation Team (SIT) after going through the reports from CFSL, Hyderabad said that Mani’s body had 44mg/100ml methanol presence which could be possible only by toxic liquor consumption. On the other hand, the laboratory at Kakkanad reported the presence of methanol in the actor’s body to be 28mg/100ml. The investigation will continue further by taking into consideration that the death is unnatural and is clear case of homicide.

Mani’s brother, RLV Ramakrishnan who had suspected some of the actor’s friends was completely dissatisfied with the investigation as they never came up with any turning point even after more than hundred days after the demise of his brother. Ramakrishnan and other family members of the actor wishes to hand over the case to CBI for further investigation. The next question will be as to who will be continuing the investigation, the SIT officials or the CBI team, which will be judged by the new state government.

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