Will Jisha get justice

It was very heart breaking to hear the cry of Jisha’s mother. It is the story of two women who lived in insecure environment and fought for their life. It is an incident which should touch the hearts of every Keralite. Jisha was a brave ambitious girl who was a law student in spite of her struggles with life. He fought against the odds of life. The question is will Jisha get justice?

Jisha dalit woman murder case, Justice for jisha, perumbavoor jisha case,
Jisha dalit woman murder case, Justice for jisha, perumbavoor jisha case,

It is true that everybody is horrified to hear the news about Jisha. But will the law make sure that there won’t be any more Jishas in kerala? There may be many more Jishas in the societies of Kerala but will the government take any brave steps to prevent the vulnerable situations for the girls to get raped and murder brutally?

Does the incident also reveal the poor have no right to leave on the earth? The question comes from the statements that Jisha’s mother had approached authorities including MLA to make a home for them. But nobody was ready to help them. Is it just because they are poor or they were born in a low caste? All these questions have to be addressed by the law and the government to make sure there won’t be any more Jishas in the societies of Kerala.

The violence could have avoided if the local representatives had acted in time hearing the request of the mother to help them to build a home. Jisha was raped and killed due to their insecure environments. And more than that today people are becoming crueler to women and are not able to control themselves from crimes like rapes. Today everybody is saying ‘justice for Jisha’ but who knows these people itself won’t create another Jisha tomorrow? Let us hope Jisha will get justice and no more jishas in the future in Kerala, the God’s own country.

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