Know Kerala,the queen of south

Kerala one of the most advanced  states  of our country was established on 1st NOV-1956 by state reorganization act by combing Malayalam speaking people, consists of 14 districts follow a unicameral legislative system. It is situated between 8 degrees 18 minutes to 12 degrees 48 minutes northern latitudes & 74 degrees 52 minutes to 77 degrees 52 minutes eastern longitude experiences the humid equatorial tropic climate.

A brief Information About Kerala. Kerala Population, Kerala Literacy Rate, Which is the highest literacy rate in India. Kerala Politics, Tourism, Religion
a brief information about Kerala nature, tourism, culture, population

The beautiful state stretching from the border of Karnataka & Tamilnadu to Malabar  coast & spreading across  38863 sq. Km situated southernmost part of our country. The population is 33387677 according to census-2011, having population density 986/sq.Km, also recorded least population growth in the country 3.44%. The state register the literacy rate 93.91% which is highest in the country, the state topped in Child Sex Ratio (CSR) having 1084 girls against 1000 boys. The Human Development Index of the state is 0.825 which is highest in our country, the life expectancy of the state is 77.The people of the state mostly speak Malayalam but English is treated as officials along with spoken language.More than 50% of total population practiced Hinduism followed by Muslim & Christians. The flower Kanikkona treated as state flower & state tree is coconut.

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Map of Kerala with District Name
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The state has the significant contribution to the production of pepper & natural rubber. Apart from these it also yields coconut,tea,coffee,cashew & spices. It’s 370 miles coastal beach provides livelihood to 1.1 million people who depends on its large fishery industry which has 3% contribution to the total income of the state. The state is also a great tourist destination with hill stations,beaches,Ayurveda tourism & tropical greenery.

The state owns two major political alliances UDF lead by Congress & LDF lead by communists. The recent assembly election which was conducted two months ago, the people of the state has thrown congress lead UDF govt. and brought back LDF into power with absolute majority. Comrade P. Vijayan took the office of chief minister of the state. The state has highest media exposure in the country which shows how the fourth pillar of our democracy active there. But recent violence  has tarnished the image of a peaceful state, a lot of challenges ahead of new govt. Let’s see how they tackle the situation. Only time would answer the question.

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