Raja the agricultural based festival widely celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm mostly across coastal Odisha. The name Raja comes from the word “Rajaswalala” means menstruating woman. It is believed that the mother earth, the divine wife of Lord Vishnu undergoes menstruation during first three days & the fourth day is a ceremonial bath of mother earth which is called “Vasumati Gadhua”. This indicates the beginning of the agricultural year. The three-day festival begins with “Palihi Raja” means 1st day of Raja, followed by Raja Sankranti & third day is “Bhuin na Hana” which means not to hurt mother earth by any means. The day before Raja is called “Saja baja” means preparatory day. This festival is for unmarried women but it is celebrated by everybody. During this festival women are given a break for household work, they enjoy themselves by playing indoor games like cards, ludo etc also having fun. The unmarried women basically for whom the festival meant for wear new dresses, alata in feet also abstain from walking barefoot on the earth. The various types of pithas are made in our home but poodapitha is prime among them, so many delicious dishes are prepared at home, friends, relatives have visited the home of their near & dear ones. The girls play swings tied in tree branches during this swing they have sung traditional folks. The atmosphere of the village is amazing, unfortunately, 1st time I am not going to my village due to some unavoidable circumstances, which is really hurting me. Hopefully, you all are going to enjoy it a lot.

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