Make Money From Article Writing. Some Common Faq

If I could generate more traffic to your site can you pay me more?

Yes, Definitely. It is not decided by us. It is decided by you. The revenue of the website is completely depended on the advertisement in the site. There will be three advertisement (from adsense) unit in every article you Published. You will get income when visitors clicking in that advertisements. If you can generate more visitors or if you get more clicks, definitely you will get more revenue.

Google Adsense is the advertisement provider of the website they will have complete records of how many clicks and income you got. That report will automatically send to your email address by Adsense (Our ads Provider). There is no fixed amount per clicks on advertisement. The income per clicks decided by Adsense based on different criteria.

Is there any contracted period or restrictions?

No contract period. It is a freelance Work. You can post any number of articles and you can work from anywhere at any time.

When will you pay me at the end or opening of the month? or at particular figure? if so what is that?
We will pay you every month. But we will issue the payment between 10th and 15th of the next month. The first payment will issue as soon as you completed the income $10. The amount must be at least $30 to issue further payment. We will send your payment through bank transfer. We will ask your bank details at the time your revenue reached $10

What would be the criteria of payment?

We will divide your income into two in proportion to 70:30. You will get 70% of your income generated and 30% of the income will for us. Ie. If you made $100, $70 to you and $30 for us (Later it may be changed). We pay you every month if the revenue completed $30. We will only issue the payment next month between 10th and 15th. But you will get your first income as soon as you completed $10.

Is there any restriction on number of words?

Yes, the number of words shouldn’t be less than 300. You can insert images, videos, maps… etc. to your articles. There are other rules also u should read it. Click the link below

*Also note that the revenue of this site is completely depend on advertisement provided by google adsense. If there is any issue with serving ads in the site may reflect in your income. Adsense needs quality contents and some rules to serve their advertisement. So we strictly monitor the site to keep ads friendly site.

*You might not be made high income with one or two articles. You can gradually increase your income while publishing regularly. Our normal clients are making 8000 to 15000 thousand in a month. If you regularly post quality content that attract huge traffic, You can earn income above that.

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