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Keralites are good at studies.  There are good engineers and doctors, there are good lawyers also, in our state.  Our writers are very good, but as far as writing in English is concerned, we have only a few who can be considered outstanding.  Shashi Tharoor, Arundhathi Roy and some other mediocre writers.  Let us see what persons with some knowledge of English and some imagination and willingness to work can do in today’s writing world.

Those great times when writers used to enjoy a high level of respect, have gone and now writing has shifted to writing on the digital media.  It is very sad that today there isn’t a Tolstoy, Huxley or DH Lawrence.  But now there are a very large number of content writers, bloggers and e book writers.  Let us see what the options are:

  1. Creative writing : – This includes stories, novels and plays.  Screenplay writing is also another form of creative writing-a separate section for that is given at the end of this list.   You need good language, good vocabulary and grammar.  There are websites like the hub pages, typotic and amazon ebooks (amazon kindle), where you can see your work published.  One thing is there; do not expect a very good financial success in the beginning.  Remember, a writer’s journey is adherent to the saying ‘slow and steady wins the race’.  The important thing is that you have to write something every day.  Join MyLot and you can post your discussions and make a lot of friends and you also get some money.
  2. Create a website/blog:  There are many companies that build websites for us for a nominal fee of Rs.500 to Rs. 1000 per month.  Simplesite.com is a very good website builder and managing our site is very easy on it.  Start writing about the subjects that you know well and write continually.  Rewards may come in the form of good contacts from some of the very good writers of the world and you can look for joint ventures with them.
  3. Ebooks – Now it is very easy for you to publish an e book with the help of amazon kindle direct publishing( amazon kdp).  Any legitimate subjects can be chosen and you get immediate exposure to a huge audience. But here also, do not expect a quick success, as only those who are looking for the subjects you write may order the book.  But keep writing and produce fifty or a hundred e books in a year and then wait!
  4. Screenplays – If you have an original idea for a film, you must learn to write a screenplay first.  Screenplays of most of the hit films can be downloaded from the net and they are your best teachers.  Once you have finished the screenplay, you can look for producers.  Networkisa.com is a community of screen writers and you can make use of the services they provide.  You may also upload your screenplay on your website, if you have one, and wait a while before somebody notes the latent potential in your work.
  5. Songwriting:  Songwriting is a field that can bring in tremendous fame and wealth.  If you know how to place words to create musical effect and create a theme that touches the heart, you can try this field.  Various web sites are there to help you market your work.  One hit song is enough to launch you into sudden fame and fortune.
  6. You also have to update your knowledge in the language.   Just type ‘common grammar mistakes’ on google search and you will be led to various grammar pages prepared by native speakers.  Language is a very powerful and useful medium and in order to establish yourself as a good writer,  you may need at least ten years!  There is no quick rich scheme though there are websites like elance, odesk, freelancer, upwork and many more where you can find writing assignments.   As in any field, there is enough competition,  but if you are willing to learn, learn from mistakes and if you always keep a positive attitude, one day you will find yourself fully developed in the field.  If money is what you want, it is better to be a copy writer.  Join American Writers and Artists Inc. (awaionline.com),  and polish your language skills to become a good copywriter.
  7.    I have given only a very short picture of the world of letters.   My experience is that if we search the net for any language based job, we will be led to at least a handful of reliable web sites.  Get a laptop or a desktop and work hard every day and you will of course reach somewhere.  I forgot to mention Kerala’s own Megakerala, where prospective writers can do a wonderful job.  If you have any questions on the things mentioned here, or if you have doubts related to the language use,grammar etc. I am only happy to serve you.   I do not assure that I am one of the top resource persons, but I have been teaching English for the last twelve years and  I also write on various web sites.  The writer can be contacted at ranjithnarayan72@gmail.com.

    Worthy Minds Create Worthy Words.
    Worthy Minds Create Worthy Words.

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