How to Heal the Wounds of the Mind

Man has to go through many difficulties and hardships, and sometimes the mind is affected by the negative experiences and it may lose its equilibrium. Even if it does not go to that extent, mind is wounded in many ways and it takes a lot of time to heal those wounds. Our body and mind are closely linked and our relations with the society we live in and our family relations also affect our mental health. Ordinary people suffer many insults, humiliations, failures, and are subjected to ridicule by others and these experiences tap our mental energy and the result is prolonged worry and pain.

Like the medicines for the diseases that affect your body, mental agonies also have medicines. As different medicines are used for the aliments of the body, suitable circumstances help us heal the wounds of the mind. Let us see the major causes of worry by most of the people in this ever complex world.
Insults and humiliations: When you enter a situation where you become unsuitable, you may be mocked at by others. The class difference in many societies cause insults to the people who are at a lower layer in society. The problem worsens if you are romantic and approaches a lady who may not have interest in you. The first thing you have to do in order to maintain a good balance in life is to abstain from sexual thoughts and adventures when everything seems to be our of order. You do not need to avoid it altogether, but postpone it to a later period when things are smooth.

The best medicine for insults is a victory in any field that can silence your enemies. So, your attempt must be to find that area where you can excel. One victory can erase the pain of a thousand wounds.

Going to a supermarket with a little amount of money, causing a traffic jam, get rejected by a girl, unreciprocated love and lack of financial success may put you in humiliation. But remember, no one can decide whether you have the merit or not and only you are the person to best judge you. The rich and the powerful may think that the world is theirs and may monopolize many things in the world, but it is ordinary people like you and me who make this world. If you believe in God, many worries and pains will vanish and believe that life is eternal, and there is something beyond this mundane world.
Failure in Love: You get immense pain when you are rejected by the girl, or lady with whom you had an infatuation. Unreciprocated love had immense effect on your mind and it may make you an eternally depressed man, turn you into a ferocious beast. Sexual jealousy causes the outbreak of many crimes, but if you think in other directions, you may not feel that much pain or rather, you may thank God for moving away from the lady you planned to marry. Between the ages of fifteen and thirty, man’s sexuality will be very strong and you may think that it is the most important thing in the world. Actually, it is the most complex thing in the world. It can create hell as well as heaven. Some people will try to control their sexual energy and limit their sex life to the married life only. They find great happiness and satisfaction and feel very worthy of living. It is God’s decision and it is as a result of our own actions that we get our partner. If you fail in love, think that it is only a temporary, but indeed painful, affair and you may get chances of meeting a more suitable partner

Guilt Feelings: It may be surprising, but many individuals have feelings of guilt over certain things that they might have done, and even very well to do people have guilt of claiming many privileges when millions of people are suffering in this world. If you have the guilt of having some sex in your youth, there is no need of any worry. In many cases, people get ill because of not having sex. But when it becomes excess, you are bound to suffer. A sensitive mind is a virtue, and you are humane if you feel guilty. But when the situation worsens and when it affects your work and job, you need to consult a psychologist or religious leader. Open heartedly sharing your feelings with a kind person will take away a lot of burden from your mind. But if you do it with a person who has the intention to harm you, it will really harm you.
Lack of Financial Success: Today, there is no existence without money. You cannot find an explanation to the phenomenon of the widening gap between the rich and the poor. Many people feel unworthy because of having a very little money. But man’s ultimate aim is not making a lot of money. You are worthy if you have a good heart. There will be at least five persons who like you very much in this world. Find them out and find new meanings to your life. Then, situations can change with the passage of time. There are many people who found success after the age of fifty. Colonel Sanders of the Kentucky Fried Chicken, Write Laura Ingalls Wilder, real estate mogul Takichiro Mori, artist Grandma Moses, Ronal Raegan who entered politics only after the age of 55, Bhakti Vedantha Swami Prabhubatha the founder of Hare Krishna Movement, who reached the U.S with only fifty bucks, was well above sixty before he became widely renowned. So, success may come at any age. The present may be difficult, but if we continue our efforts, there will be chances in future that will restore our material comfort.
The Most Complex Thing in the World : Many eminent persons have fallen down from their status because of their involvement with women. Managing sex is an important aspect of our lives as long as there is libido in our body. Normally, people lose interest in sex after the age of forty, but some others remain active till the age of sixty or seventy.
My suggestion is that if you are in trouble, with lot of problems to handle, it would be better to enter the realm of sex. When success comes, everything comes on your way. You may feel jealous of people with success in love when we grapple with our myriad problems, but at this moment it is better to turn to God and religion and seek spiritual wisdom.
Fear of Death: Death is a reality and most people are afraid of death, but according to some psychologists, fear of death is worse than the object of the fear. If we feel ourselves worthy individuals and if we have some virtue in us, we do not need to fear death. When we read news reports of young people dying from accidents, we also become tense and frightened. In this world, there are many deadly diseases, and millions of people die of cancer, heart attack and AIDS. Some people develop a phobia, or an obsession with death and they stop functioning properly. It is a difficult situation and no words from friends or family members will console them. This situation also is temporary and after a few years a moment will come when such people themselves will laugh at their past condition as a baseless thing.

Our mind, just like our body, needs much care and we have to feed it with positive thought, beautiful dreams, optimism and love. If our mind becomes a place where envy, lechery, greed, anger, grief and despair find their base, it becomes troubled. Virtue is always strong. In times of difficulties, turn to a friend who can understand you. Pray to God and a time will come when everything will be all right.

In search of peace
In search of peace

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