Satisfied with Being a Keralite?

Kerala is very beautiful.  There is a very beautiful nature and very good climate.  People are intelligence and most of them have good sense of humor.  We have been a happy go lucky fellows with limited financial ambitions until the turn of the century and happiness was there among people till the mid eighties.  Now, when we look at our society, can we say that our people are happy and satisfied?  Are the social and family problems on the rise or on a low?   Is not the gap between the rich and the poor widening?  Is hypocrisy playing a more important role than ingenuousness?  Is the film world affecting the views of the youth more than ever?  Has not telling the truth become a below decency act?  Let us examine some of the complexities of this wonderful, but one of the most complex societies in the world.

About 1.6 million Keralites are abroad and hundreds of thousands are out of state.  Among these two groups, most of the people are very young.  Every month, unmarried young men go out of the state seeking jobs.  It shows the fact that there are no real opportunities here.  When young men go out, they get jobs along with a lot more freedom that they cannot enjoy here in this state.

Male-female bodily relation is considered the most complex thing in life, and when this need is discussed here in the most complex society, the outcome is very direful.  The norm is to keep quiet, but things are happening secretly.  As a writer, even I am afraid of talking about this subject as I fear many people may turn against me for writing about things that are true, but not proper.   But I don’t think that people will become better if bars are closed and promiscuity is banned by law.

There must be liberal laws if a society wants to progress, but here many people including people who have experienced the life in a Western or South East Asian region are of the opinion that misuse will be the result.  If people speaking a common language cannot be bound with a common consensus, nothing will happen and there will be hidden and suppressed feelings in the minds of the people.

Here everyone thinks that culture means keeping away from the opposite sex. Actually, it is the discreet reunion that forms part of culture.  In Germany, boys and girls lose their virginity before they are twenty years of age.  After enjoying dating they study hard and find a job and then marry and lead a strict family life. Brothels are there where people with hyper energy can go and release it.  Most of the countries in South East Asia, and our neighbors Sri Lanka, follow the Western way.  Our mindset is very strong and most people have ardent feelings, but society does not approve of anything.   This kind of suppression may lead to even psychological disorders; it does now.

Strong feelings of enmity: – Our people are prone to curses more than anyone in the world.  They in return curses those who are in the opposite side.  I don’t think that there will be such a society where enmity reaches such a suffocating level.  The internal fight is not for money really, but for women.  Money attracts material comforts and some women are attracted to it easily and therefore, there is struggle for more money.

If possible, let us accept social norms from other countries and if we have the confidence that everything will turn out for the better, I think we will have a more complacent society.

Beautiful land, but...
Beautiful land, but…

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